10 Things Only People Who Wear Glasses In The Winter In DC Will Understand

Glasses are never exactly convenient, but winter weather has its own special brand of glasses hassles. If you’ve lived through a D.C. area winter while wearing glasses, then you understand the struggle.

  1. Your Glasses Fog When You Go Inside You make plans to meet friends for dinner. You arrive at the restaurant, step inside from the cold, look to see if your party is there yet… and all you see is fog.
  2. Try Not to Slip When you’re braving icy sidewalks at National Harbor, having to push your glasses up your nose does not help your balance.
  3. Vacations can be Vexing When the temperatures drop, some of us are lucky enough to escape to more tropical climates, but how fun is a beach vacation when you forget to pack your prescription sunglasses?
  4. Raindrops on Glasses are not as Nice as Raindrops on Roses Rain, sleet, or snow – they all wreak havoc  on spectacles, not to mention with DC Traffic!
  5. They Bungle the Bundle-up You got a cozy new scarf, but when you use it to protect your face from the cold your breath fogs up your glasses.
  6. Metal Glasses Frames + Sub Freezing Temps = Ouch Those stylish wireframes don’t feel so cute when they freeze on your face.
  7. Winter Sports are a Little Less Sporty The silver lining of snowfall is the chance to hit the slopes or trails. Losing your glasses while skiing or trying to fit ski goggles over them puts a tarnish on that.
  8. Missing Out On Movies Movie dates are a great winter pastime, but you have to skip the cool action flick at Pike and Rose because the special specs don’t fit over your glasses.
  9. Workout Mishaps Keeping that winter bod fit is harder when your glasses go flying during an intense Soul Cycle class..
  10. Failure When Fueling Is there anything so satisfying as hot coffee from Baked & Wired on a cold day? Inhale the aroma, take a sip… and there’s that darn glasses fog AGAIN!

Imagine if you didn’t have to plan your activities around your glasses. The Eye Doctors of Washington offer a range of vision correction procedures, including LASIK,  that can improve your quality of life. Our team has performed over 50,000 laser vision correction procedures. If you’re ready to imagine life without glasses, contact us.

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