Our talented group of eye doctors are dedicated to providing the highest quality of pediatric eye care possible. Our team takes extra care to improve eye and vision problems for young patients to ensure they have a future of healthy sight. Treatments include options for conditions such as lazy eye, clogged tear ducts, droopy eyelids, pediatric cataracts, and more.

Every pediatric patient is provided with gentle, thorough care to keep them as comfortable as possible. Parents can rest easy that their child is receiving high quality care from doctors who are highly experienced at the advanced procedures they perform.

Doctor giving child eye exam at the doctor's office.

Pediatric Conditions Treated at Eye Doctors of Washington

Strabismus Surgery

Also known as “lazy eye,” strabismus is present when the eyes are misaligned and, as a result, cannot focus on the same object. The condition most often occurs at birth, but it can also develop later in life. Strabismus surgery is ideal for young patients, though it can improve the condition at any age.

Blocked Tear Duct Surgery

Blocked tear ducts can lead to a buildup of tears since they cannot drain properly into the tear duct system. This is a common problem among newborns and young children, leading to pain and redness under the eye, eventually causing a crust to form. Should irrigation of the system not help, small silicone tubes can be inserted to open the nasal ducts and prevent infection.

Frontalis Sling Surgery

Frontalis sling surgery is an effective method for correcting congenital blepharoptosis (droopy eyelids). The procedure entails the lifting of the lid by altering muscles in the forehead and brow, raising the eyelid to the same level as the other one.

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