An Evolution of Visual Freedom

Refractive eye surgery is used to improve the eye’s refractive state and decrease or eliminate dependency on glasses or contact lenses. This can include various methods of surgical remodeling of the cornea (such as LASIK and PRK) or lens replacement (such as cataract surgery and clear lens exchange).

 Now is a very exciting time in refractive surgery because we offer another choice: lens implantation. The FDA-approved implantable collamer lens (ICL) is an alternative to LASIK and PRK in nearsighted patients who previously did not qualify for refractive surgery due to severe dry eye, irregular corneas, or very high myopia. This lens is also available in a toric model for patients with astigmatism. Using minimally invasive techniques in an outpatient setting, the ICL is inserted surgically between the iris and the natural crystalline lens to correct the vision from within the eye. The surgery is quick and painless, with minimal downtime. The implanted lenses are biocompatible, maintenance-free, and completely reversible should the need arise for it to be removed or replaced in the future.

What is the EVO Visian ICL

The EVO Visian ICL works with the eye to correct vision. EVO Visian ICL is a microscopic lens made of collagen that is placed inside your eye an ophthalmic surgeon Unlike traditional contact lenses that go on the surface of the eye, the ICL is positioned inside the eye between the iris and the natural lens where it stays indefinitely. However, if your vision changes dramatically, it can be removed from the eye. 

Easy 20–30 Minute Procedure

A quick, painless same-day surgery to help you achieve better vision.

Is the EVO Visian ICL Right For Me?

  • Are you nearsighted?
  • Are you between the ages of 21 and 45?
  • Are you seeking permanent vision correction but desire an alternative to contact lenses?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for ICLs. Schedule a consultation.

Know Your Options

What is the Difference between the EVO Visian ICL and the original Visian ICL?

Originally launched in late 2005 the original Visian ICL has undergone some tremendous technological advancements that will lead to greater patient convenience. 

EVO Visian ICL is very similar the original Visian ICL with the main difference being that more people qualify. The prep process for the EVO ICL surgery has been simplified and reduces visits for patient convenience. 

EVO Visian ICL

Dr. Shah, our board-certified refractive surgeon, offers EVO Visian ICL as part of her refractive armamentarium, including LASIK, refractive lens exchange, and cataract surgery. As a surgeon who routinely offers and performs the full breadth of these refractive procedures, she can guide you to the procedure which will be best suited and safe for each individual patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)?

An EVO Visian Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) works with the eye to correct vision. Unlike traditional contact lenses that go on the surface of the eye, an ICL is positioned inside the eye between the iris and the natural lens where it stays indefinitely. However, if your vision changes dramatically, it can be removed from the eye.

Am I a candidate?

If you are between 21 and 45 and nearsighted, you are an excellent candidate for an ICL. It is preferable that you have no previous ophthalmic surgery or history of ophthalmic disease such as glaucoma, iritis, or diabetic retinopathy.

What if I have thin corneas or dry eye?

The cornea is the curved portion on the front surface of the eye. An ICL does not have any effect on the cornea and may be appropriate if you have thin corneas. ICLs do not cause or contribute to dry eyes. If you have dry eyes, ask your doctor if an ICL may be the best vision correction option for you.

Benefits of the having EVO Visian ICL Surgery

  • Wide vision correction to reduce nearsightedness 
  • including patients with prescriptions up to -20 diopters / astigmatism up to 4.0D.
  • Great for patients with thin corneas, who may not be candidates for other vision correction procedures. 
  • Designed for permanent vision correction, but removable by your doctor 
  • UV protection
  • Once in place, you will not be able to feel or see the lens
  • 20 to 30-minute procedure with quick recovery
  • Provides excellent night vision
  • Better for patients with dry eye concerns

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