Financing & Insurance

Eye Doctors of Washington accepts most major insurance plans. However, since not every doctor in our practice participates with all plans or products within the plans, it is important to verify with your insurance carrier that your physician at Eye Doctors of Washington currently participates with your plan. By bringing photo identification, your current insurance card, and your doctor referral (if required by your plan), our staff can assist you in filing any required paperwork for you to receive your insurance benefits.

Since some vision correction procedures such as LASIK are considered elective surgeries, these procedures may not be covered (or only partially covered) by your insurance plan. We try to help each of our patients achieve their eye care goals in a manner that fits within their budget, and our staff can inform you about the various financing options we offer.

Financing Options

Most patients who wear eyeglasses and or contact lenses typically spend over $500.00 per year on their eyewear needs. Do the math: the majority of patients enjoy a lifetime of savings for the one-time LASIK fee. A lifetime of freedom too! Whether you are considering LASIK or another eye procedure, our financing options help make the cost of surgery more affordable.

LASIK Financing

Wells Fargo

1170335-WFHA-Web-BNR_300x100_1To accommodate our patients’ financial needs, Eye Doctors of Washington offers financing through Wells Fargo. Please contact our surgical coordinator at 240-482-1220 to discuss your financing options or click on the apply button.

Medical Savings Accounts

Medical Savings Accounts are offered by many employers and are a convenient way to save even more! By contributing pre-tax earnings into your medical savings account your dollars go even further. Medical savings accounts combined with EDOW’s affordable prices make vision correction more affordable than ever before!

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