How an Allergy Test Works

shutterstock_92930209While many people opt for medications to diminish their allergy symptoms, our eye doctors in Washington DC encourage individuals to schedule a simple allergy test for a more effective treatment. As mentioned in our previous blog post “Allergy Testing Now Offered at EDOW,” undergoing a test can help us determine the cause of the allergic reaction. From this information, we can recommend a custom treatment plan to stop the irritation from occurring.

For patients who wish to fully treat their irritating allergy symptoms, we provide a skin “scratch” test to identify the allergens to which their body is hypersensitive. The non-invasive diagnostic procedure includes the following:

  • Making a small scratch on your skin.
  • Applying a sample of 58 allergens prevalent in your area.
  • Using positive and negative control tests to determine accuracy of results.
  • Evaluating any reactions to conclude what you are allergic to.

When your body shows a reaction to an allergen, your skin will develop a small bump, similar to that of a mosquito bite. From that visible irritation, we can diagnose your unique allergy and move forward with the appropriate treatment plan.

If you have any questions about what the allergy test entails, or if you wish to schedule an allergy test, we encourage you to contact Eye Doctors of Washington today.

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