Difficulty Reading? Presbyopia May Be The Issue

photo379It happens to nearly everyone. As we age, our eyes gradually begin to lose the ability to focus on objects – and words – at close range. With my patients at Eye Doctors of Washington, I use the analogy of a camera’s zoom function to explain how our eyes work. Just like a camera, we have a zoom function on our eyes that allows us to see at long distances as well as close range. However, as we get older, that zoom function often begins to deteriorate – the lens of the eye stiffens and can’t zoom or flex as much as it could in our youth.

With age, most people will eventually have trouble seeing up close, which is a common condition called presbyopia. Though it typically catches up to us in our mid-40s, presbyopia actually develops progressively throughout our whole lives. Fortunately, our ophthalmologists offer a number of treatment options that can help reduce the effects of this common condition.
Check our blog again soon for a follow-up blog post in which I will go into detail about treatment options for people who have developed presbyopia.

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