Can LASIK Help Patients with Spring Allergies?

Chronic seasonal allergies can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including red, itchy, and watery eyes. At Eye Doctors of Washington, our team offers testing so you can determine the exact cause of your allergies – and find the proper treatment plan. In addition to seasonal allergies, other irritants such as pet dander or mold can lead to similar symptoms. Depending upon your diagnosis, allergy treatment can include pharmacotherapy or immunotherapy to help resolve your condition.

Unfortunately, patients who wear contact lenses may experience exacerbated allergy symptoms and increased eye irritation. For some of our patients with seasonal allergies, LASIK surgery has significantly improved their eye comfort during allergy season due to the reduced dependency on contact lenses and prescription eyewear. Although LASIK surgery does not cure the symptoms of seasonal allergies, the procedure allows patients to avoid complicating the condition with contact lenses that may trap irritants in the eyes. To learn if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery, or to schedule an allergy testing, please contact a member of our team at Eye Doctors of Washington.

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