Do I Have to be Awake During LASIK?

shutterstock_143791594Many people wonder if they can be put to sleep during LASIK eye surgery, due to anxiety about the procedure. What these individuals don’t realize, however, is the entire procedure typically takes no longer than 10 minutes for each eye. The laser will only be in use for less than one minute on each side to reshape your corneas.

This is why you will not need general anesthesia. Being “put to sleep” has risks of its own and would mostly just increase the cost of your surgery. There is not much benefit to general anesthesia during LASIK, which is why the vast majority of patients remain awake during their short surgery.

If you are worried about your procedure, you will have the option to receive a mild sedative or take medication to help calm any fear you may have. Our team at Eye Doctors of Washington want you to feel relaxed and at-ease during the LASIK process. Patients often report the surgery taking less time than expected and it not being as stressful as anticipated.

To learn more about what to expect during your LASIK eye surgery, feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

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