What if I Blink or Move During LASIK Surgery?

shutterstock_192268793Blinking and moving during LASIK eye surgery is very rarely a problem. Although this is a common concern for patients, the reality is the advanced capability of our LASIK process is designed to limit (and also account for) potential movement.

Numbing drops are applied before the surgery to make the process more comfortable and lower your urge to blink. A small device is also put into place to keep your eyelids open. In addition, movement of the head and body are not of much concern. During your LASIK eye surgery, you will be lying down with your head cradled on a contoured headrest. Your surgeon may also stabilize your head into position during the short process. Our advanced technology allows for optimal precision during your LASIK procedure, and it will automatically shut off if your eye moves out of the laser’s range.

For more information about our LASIK technology, and what to expect during your surgery, please contact us today!

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