Real LASIK Experience


Follow Samy as he undergoes the process of LASIK surgery in Washington DC, and speaks about his motivation for doing so. Sammy meets with renowned ophthalmologists, Dr. Thomas Clinch & Dr. Paul Kang, in the initial consultation as they explain to him his candidacy and the custom LASIK procedure.*


Its LASIK surgery day as Samy walks into his appointment at Eye Doctors of Washington. Samy first meets with ophthalmic technician Alyce to prepare the eye for surgery with some drops, and then with Dr. Paul Kang who creates the cornea flap with state-of-the-art Intralase laser technology.*


Samy goes back to visit Dr. Thomas Clinch and Dr. Paul Kang for his first postoperative evaluation after his recently completed LASIK surgery. Dr. Kang checks Samy’s vision and also to make sure that his cornea flap is positioned ideally.*

*Results May Vary

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