Common Treatments for Glaucoma

photo361-300x192Although glaucoma cannot be prevented from developing, there are many treatment options that can slow the progress of the disease and prevent significant visual dysfunction. Treatment options we use at Eye Doctors of Washington are initially conservative, and include topical medication and laser treatment. In fact, although topical medications (in the form of prescription eye drops) are the traditional treatment method, in some cases we are now performing laser procedures as first line of treatment.

In light of recent developments in technology, studies have shown that laser treatments are equally effective when compared to topical medications. In addition to the outstanding results of laser treatment, you do not need to take a drop every day, making the treatment more convenient. In cases where glaucoma advances and cannot be controlled with these more conservative treatments, surgery can be performed to lower intraocular pressure.

However, as I stated in my last blog post, there typically are no symptoms of early-stage glaucoma. Even though your eyes might feel fine, it is a good idea to get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist and establish a baseline of ocular health. Just as you visit your primary care doctor once a year, frequent checkups with an eye doctor are the best way to be vigilant about your eye health.

Dr. Kenneth Schor

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