What you DON’T know about LASIK

Patients are often surprised during their LASIK and PRK consultations by the following tidbits:

1. TWO lasers are usually used to perform LASIK. The first is the Intralase that is used to create the corneal flap. The second is the CustomVUE laser that corrects the unique imperfections of an individual’s eyes.

2. LASIK and PRK only take a few minutes to perform, and it is done in the office surgical suite.

3. Most LASIK patients can drive themselves to their follow-up visit the day after their surgery!

4. Eye Doctors of Washington charges a flat fee for LASIK and PRK. We don’t charge you more for the more advanced Intralase and CustomVUE technology.

5. LASIK and PRK do not prevent the natural changes that occur over time within the eye. That means you may still need reading glasses in middle age and develop cataracts later in life.

6. Having LASIK or PRK now doesn’t preclude you from having cataract surgery in the future. And having cataract surgery now doesn’t preclude you from having LASIK or PRK in the future.

7. You can fly in a plane right after your LASIK or PRK surgery. The changes in pressure will not affect your eye surgery.

8. LASIK is affordable! With the myriad promotions that Eye Doctors of Washington runs and financing, we’re confident we can help you make it work.

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