“I couldn’t be happier with my decision, nor could I be more impressed.”

We recently received the loveliest testimonial from our patient, Neil:

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Clinch for over a year.  Though my prescription was relatively slight, I had grown tired of needing glasses for anything farther away than a book or computer monitor, and decided to start looking into LASIK.  I know many people who have had the procedure done, all with great results and full recommendations.  After being referred to Dr. Clinch and the Eye Doctors of Washington, I began my meticulous research into the establishment, the doctors, their training, past accomplishments, and the success of their procedures.  Needless to say, everything I found was top-notch and certainly more than adequate to gain my trust and allow me to set up my first office visit.

The office is staffed with wonderful people that really do care about their patients.  During my initial visit, I learned that my vision wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated; it was actually the same prescription I was given ten years ago with the exact same lenses and frames.  Because it was so slight, Dr. Clinch surprised me by suggesting that I only have one eye done and see how I adjusted, saving me 50% of the cost of the procedure.  This little gesture solidified my confidence in my decision for an eye-care professional as it showed me that the office wasn’t really interested in taking my money, but rather in actually doing what would be best for me.  I scheduled the procedure for April 2009, and the results were dramatic and amazing.  Having LASIK performed on my “bad” eye left me with 20/40 in one and 20/15 in the other (improvement over 20/60).  Even with the recommendation, I was a little concerned about only correcting one eye.  Dr. Clinch reassured me by stating that if I didn’t like it or didn’t adjust well, I could always come back and have the other one done.

I gave the initial procedure a year to fully heal and to see how I would adjust to the disparate eyes.  Though I saw at 20/15, I never fully adjusted to having one amazing eye and one OK eye, so I scheduled a follow up to have the second eye corrected.  To my surprise, the office staff recognized and remembered me, considering I hadn’t really been there all that often and despite their numerous patients.  Exactly like the first procedure, everything went perfectly.  Two weeks out and both eyes see 20/15 without the slightest effort.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision, nor could I be more impressed.  To put my gratitude into perspective, I drive about an hour one-way each time I visit the EDOW simply because the the doctors, the staff, the procedures, and the results simply cannot be matched.  I cannot stress enough how great the entire experience was; definitely worth every penny!”

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