Cataract Patient Shares Her Journey to Clear Vision

At Eye Doctors of Washington, one of our favorite aspects of providing state-of-the-art vision solutions is seeing our patients’ life-changing results. For one patient in particular, this meant new hope for seeing the world around her, thanks to the dramatic outcome following cataract surgery.

For this patient, poor vision ran in her family. She started wearing glasses at the young age of 7, due to the fact that she couldn’t see the blackboard at school. Her need for glasses limited her extracurricular activities, until she began wearing contact lenses in high school. Unfortunately, over the years, the patient’s vision continued to worsen, despite her regular contact lens wear. She reports that fluorescent lighting in stores caused her sight to be terrible; she couldn’t see with sunglasses; and she had difficulty reading road signs while driving.

Once she consulted with our ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Kang, she discovered her vision was worsening because she suffered from cataracts. In her initial consultation, the patient learned about the different lenses available to be used during her surgery. She ultimately decided on the TECNIS® multifocal IOL, which provides exceptional quality of vision as proven by our patients.

In the patient’s words, “Everything is just so bright and sharp and in focus. I think these multifocal lenses are absolutely incredible.” She reports that since her surgery, she has been driving with her car’s top down, wearing her sunglasses, and enjoying the world she can so clearly see around her. ”It’s unbelievable. I don’t ever remember seeing like this, not even with contacts early on. I can see beautifully.”

Watch her tell her story:

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