Eye Conditions

Dr. Clinch Finds the Answer to a Fox News Reporter’s Medical Mystery

Our very own Dr. Thomas E. Clinch was recently featured in an article by Sandra G. Boodman of The Washington Post for discovering the solution to Fox News reporter Shannon Bream’s medical nightmare. The article describes how, over an 18-month period, the 39-year old reporter endured extreme eye pain, finally finding relief upon meeting our… Read More

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Your Eyes

By Hylton Mayer, MD Glaucoma, a condition related to high pressure inside the eyes, can cause damage to the optic nerve, the nerve that connects the eye to the brain.  When the optic nerve is damaged, a person can lose vision, typically side (or peripheral) vision first, but a person could ultimately lose all vision in the affected eye or eyes. Glaucoma… Read More

Have you been told you can’t have LASIK?

If you have been told that you can’t have LASIK because you are too nearsighted or your cornea is too thin, you may be in luck. The surgeons at Eye Doctors of Washington are experts in implanting lenses in the eye that can correct nearsightedness up to a -20.0 D! More specifically, the implantable lens… Read More

I have a stye…and it hurts!

I have a stye…and it hurts!

We all get styes from time to time, but what causes them? How can we get them to go away quickly? A stye is like a pimple at the base of the eyelashes. In the world of ophthalmology, a stye is known as a hordeolum. It’s a bacterial infection of a sebaceous gland that causes… Read More

Eyes are the window to the…heart?

Did you know that non-ocular diseases can be detected in an eye exam? Brian tumors, diabetes, cancer, cadiovascular disease, and multiple sclerosis can all be discovered in a routine eye exam. Other conditions noted may be high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and numerous metabolic disorders such as Wilson’s Disease and Fabry’s Disease. Brain tumors may… Read More

Seeing Clearly After Cataracts

“When I was having a lot of problems with my eyesight, my optometrist whom I really respect, Dr. Barry Ephraim, referred me to Dr. Clinch with Eye Doctors of Washington. I was very impressed with Dr. Clinch and all of the staff there. They were professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They were also punctual about… Read More

Fun Facts About Eyes

Fun Facts About Eyes: The eye of a human can distinguish 500 shades of the gray. The cornea is the only living tissue in the human body that does not contain any blood vessels. Sailors once thought that wearing a gold earring would improve their eyesight. People generally read 25% slower from a computer screen… Read More

Immigrant Receives Eye Surgery as Gift

Immigrant Receives Eye Surgery as Gift

Andrew Turowski came from Poland a couple of years ago to the States looking for work to support his wife and kids back home. He began working as mechanic and, after being laid off, was eventually hired by a Polish immigrant to work on a horse farm with her high-stepping horses. After realizing just how… Read More

With all the snow, will I get snow blindness?

With all the snow, will I get snow blindness?

Snow blindness, or ultraviolet keratitis, is essentially sunburn on the cornea that is caused by UV light that reflects off of snow or ice. It can also be caused by reflection of sunlight by sand and water, but the intensity is usually far less significant than with the glare from snow. Infrequently, snow blindness can… Read More

Nearsightedness on the Rise: How the Visian Lens can Help

Nearsightedness on the Rise: How the Visian Lens can Help

The frequency of myopia among Asians and other is on the rise and appears to increase with education. A study was conducted in Singapore in 1992 to investigate the prevalence of nearsightedness (known as myopia) as one’s education increased. The findings were astonishing: Just over 15% of male subjects with little education were myopic compared… Read More

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