General Eye Care

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for UV Protection

As one of the top three ways to protect your eyes this summer, sunglasses are no doubt a crucial part of preserving your eye health during times of increased sun exposure. However, all sunglasses are not created equal. There are certain characteristics to be mindful of when looking for a new pair of sunglasses to… Read More

Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

As discussed in our previous blog post, “The Burning Truth Behind UV Radiation and Your Eye Health,” Dr. Chantel Garcia says taking the proper precautions when outside can help you avoid unnecessary damage to the eyes. The optometrist explains that people should start early and wear protection often to make the most impact for avoiding… Read More

The Burning Truth Behind UV Radiation and Your Eye Health

Optometrist Dr. Chantel Garcia stresses to her patients the importance of wearing sunglasses outside, even when the sun isn’t out. This is due to the ever-present ultraviolet rays that are the root cause of many sun related ocular conditions. Many people begin to notice the sun’s damaging effects on the eyes when the white part… Read More

Measuring Extent of Dry Eye for Enhanced Diagnosis & Treatment

As noted in our recent blog post, our team of eye doctors is now certified by TearLab™ Corporation as an Accredited Dry Eye Center. This means we are dedicated to providing superior diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome, while utilizing the latest techniques and treatment options available. The TearLab™ Osmolarity System is an effective… Read More

EDOW Becomes Accredited Dry Eye Center

Around 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. The condition can be caused by many different factors, including environmental conditions, genetics, aging, and other medical problems. In fact, the disease is one of the most common reasons people visit their eye care professional. Symptoms of dry eye tend to be discomfort… Read More

How an Allergy Test Works

While many people opt for medications to diminish their allergy symptoms, our eye doctors in Washington DC encourage individuals to schedule a simple allergy test for a more effective treatment. As mentioned in our previous blog post “Allergy Testing Now Offered at EDOW,” undergoing a test can help us determine the cause of the allergic… Read More

Allergy Testing Now Offered at EDOW

We are pleased to announce the addition of allergy testing at Eye Doctors of Washington. With so many people suffering from chronic allergies, often affecting the eyes, our team has recognized the need for diagnosing the cause. By testing people for various allergens, such as pet dander, pollen, and mold, a proper treatment plan can… Read More

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Your Eyes

By Hylton Mayer, MD Glaucoma, a condition related to high pressure inside the eyes, can cause damage to the optic nerve, the nerve that connects the eye to the brain.  When the optic nerve is damaged, a person can lose vision, typically side (or peripheral) vision first, but a person could ultimately lose all vision in the affected eye or eyes. Glaucoma… Read More

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

…or hopefully you won’t. Where I come from, fireworks could be purchased on the side of the road for a few dollars. And there was nothing more fun than watching your older cousins have roman candle battles in the backyard! What were our parents thinking?! This July 4th, let’s do things a little differently. In… Read More

Why do we cry?

Someone recently asked me, “Why do tears come out of our eyes when we’re sad?” It was such a simple question that I’d never really thought about. We cry because we’re sad, but why is it that we cry when we’re sad and not, say, hiccup? Human eyes have 3 different types of tears: basal… Read More

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